Community Corner


Even though you’ve consumed their products a time or two (hundred), you don’t know anyone at BBE.
You could try cold calling Bernie or someone else at BBE, of course, but it’s unlikely you’ll connect to your target or receive a call back.
You could send a provocative email, but since they don’t know you or your consulting firm, your missive is probably destined for the Trash folder, unread.
You could snail-mail some sexy consulting collateral, but in most cases, that receives a quick glance before becoming waste-basket filler.
Cold outreach of any kind is extremely ineffective for consulting firms. Particularly if you’re chasing one, specific target. Even if you can secure a conversation, you’re starting with zero Trust, and that’s tough to overcome.
You need to warm up the relationship. Fortunately, you know Golda, a scion of the Scottish-Israeli Lochs-Shmears family, and industry socialite who is bound to have a good relationship with someone in the upper crust of BBE.
You ask Golda if she’ll introduce you to someone at BBE and she enthusiastically agrees to recommend you to Logan, their COO, whom she knows well. “Logan will love you,” she gushes, “and I know BBE could really use your help.”
A couple of days go by without an introduction. Then a week… a couple of weeks. You feel awkward about asking Golda again—after all, if she really wanted to introduce you, she would have. Mentioning the missed introduction to Golda calls h